ABA of Illinois to Sponsor Gray Gaulding in Chicago

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May 3, 2019
World Wide Safety Shines With Gray Gaulding at Daytona
World Wide Safety Shines With Gray Gaulding at Daytona
July 4, 2019
NASCAR Xfinity Series NASCAR Racing Experience 300 - Practice

(Newswire.net — June 25, 2019) Fort Worth, TEXAS — 
SMG and NASCAR driver Gray Gaulding announce new primary sponsor ABA of Illinois (ABA) coming on board the No. 08 Chevrolet Camaro competing in the Xfinity Series Camping World 300 this Saturday, June 29th at Chicagoland Speedway.

Karen Harper, founder of ABA of Illinois, states, “Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA, has been demonstrated to be the most effective form of therapy for individuals with autism spectrum disorder. Behavior analysts are trained to understand how behavior works, how behavior is affected by the environment, and how to facilitate learning. When providing therapy for individuals with autism, or any other developmental disability, we have a lot of catching up to do, and by understanding how behavior works, therapists can directly teach new skills or coach caregivers to help our clients reach their full potential.”

“I’m both honored and proud to represent an organization like ABA of Illinois and the services that they provide to individuals and families impacted from disabilities like autism”, said Gray Gaulding. “Karen and her team are true professionals that demonstrate their passion every week for helping others deal with difficult life challenges which is not unlike the same passion that I have every week for racing each time I climb into my race car.”

“All of our kids and the entire ABA organization could not be more excited about this upcoming Saturday’s race event” said founder Karen Harper. “NASCAR is a great way for our kids to connect with current sports as it provides a great amount of audio and visual engagement along with a direct personal connection to a young celebrity such as Gray. He is a great example for them to see that everyone in life has to deal with adversity but how you adapt to it and finding what brings you joy is what’s most important.”

In addition to ABA of Illinois, Worldwide Safety Consulting and Worldwide Professional Services will be also be along for the ride this weekend. Make sure to catch all the race action on MSNBC Sports starting at 2:30 PM Central Time Saturday.

About ABA of Illinois

ABA of Illinois is comprised of a team of Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), Behavior Therapists, and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) who are committed to increasing the quality of their clients’ lives. Our team delivers clinical and consultative support to clients in the natural environment. We design and implement support strategies that promote positive behavior change with a focus on preventing problem behaviors before they occur. This is accomplished by modifying environments, teaching adaptive and socially appropriate skills, and working with our clients’ support teams to help shift the focus from what our clients’ struggles are to what holds meaning in their lives, and what they consider valuable and brings them joy.

ABA therapy programs can help increase important skills related to speech and communication, functional living (such as toileting, dressing, grooming, etc.), academics and socialization. When you start thinking about it, there’s a lot involved with greeting someone with a hello and striking up a conversation! Behavior Analysts work to break down the skill into teachable components 
and use the power of positive reinforcement to help their clients acquire skills and generalize them to a multitude of environments. Therapy can occur in-home, at school, at work, at the grocery store, the swimming pool– wherever behavior change needs to occur, our dedicated staff are there!

We have two sister companies, ABA of Iowa and ABA of Wisconsin, that deliver similar services. Our therapeutic day school, Holtz Educational Center, recently opened in Darien, IL, and we have centers in Marion, IL and Wauwatosa, WI. Keep a look out for our next therapeutic day school opening in the Dixon, IL area. For more information and links to our sister companies, please visit: www.abaofillinois.org.

About WWSC (Worldwide Safety Consulting)

WWSC is dedicated to servicing clients in fossil, oil & gas, wind, hydro, and solar power generation along with the shipping, transportation, and rail industries. We offer a wide range of safety services from providing onsite safety professionals for all phases of power gen, breaking ground to commission or when you just need an extra set of eyes for day to day operations. WWSC can create a custom safety policy for companies of any size, audit work site or facilities, and train employees in multiple disciplines from OSHA to MSHA and everything in between. For more information, visit: www.worldwidesafetyconsulting.com.

About Worldwide Professional Services

Worldwide Professional Services, a DBA of WWSC, which provides, highly trained people, in many different fields ranging from Construction Managers, Project Managers, Engineers, QC Managers, Field craft and Timekeepers. Our professionals have experience in the above-mentioned industries as well as more specialized areas such as clean room laboratories in the medical and electronic fields.

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SMG is a sports and entertainment talent management and activation agency headquartered at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas. SMG is considered to be an “outside of the box” company that works with clients and sponsor partners to provide “stand out” experiences leveraging the motorsports, music and other professional sports platforms. SMG uses advanced technology solutions and processes to provide highly effective and measurable results. For more information, visit www.standoutmg.com.

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